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Parent Resources for Supporting Math Learning at Home

Parent Resources for Supporting Math Learning at Home

Interactive Manipulatives Online

Place Value Disks at Geogebra
Cuisenaire Rods – GeoGebra
Algebra Tiles v2 – GeoGebra

Protractor Practice (Not Random) - GeoGebra

Fraction bars – GeoGebra

Counters – GeoGebra

Areas with Geoboard – GeoGebra

Mathigon Polypad offers pentominoes and tangrams in addition to repeating manipulatives already listed: polygons, number tiles, number bars, fraction bars, algebra tiles.Scroll down on the left hand side to access all available manipulatives.

Many of the following resources were featured in the 2019 Parent Enrichment session:

from Ways a Parent Can Help with Math

Websites and Readings for Parents

mathmarsha blog: CTD Parent Seminar April 18, 2015 focused on apps for mobile devices

mathmarsha blog: CTD Parent Workshop 11/3/12 addressed math and literature, projects, games, manipulatives, etc.

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics With activities for children in preschool through grade 5      (One of the few resources for preschool math activities)

Strength in Numbers | National Numeracy Challenge helps adults learn the math needed for everyday life. A good place to start if you yourself are not comfortable with math.

High School Math Review Tutorials Problems - a free resource with examples, problems, explantions and exercises.  Parents can use these free resources and problems to help your child learn math.

Maths activities for children | Family Maths Toolkit has collections of activities for age ranges 3-13. Topics include: around the house, math and money, games, out and about, books and TV. From UK.

Prekindergarten Mathematics Family Newsletters | EngageNY

Maths Genie - 1-9 GCSE Specification Revision  British page with links to videos explaining all the major mathematics topics from grades 1-9. There are some language differences, but helpful nevertheless. More British videos, lessons, and exercises here: The Maths Teacher



Here's an example of an app that's available online from NCTM. It's pitched at grades 3-8, but I wouldn't hesitate to share this with much younger children--it provides an exploration of algebraic thinking about equations using a balance scale:

Pan Balance – Shapes

Here's a screenshot:


If you remember LOGO or Turtle Geometry from the early days of home computing, you'll like Turtle Pond. This introduces children as young as pre-K to rudimentary coding.

I also like Pick-a-Path (one of my favorites--plays fanfare for correct solutions! Suitable, at the higher levels, for grades 3 and up), Isometric Drawing ToolTessellation Creator.

Several good online games are available at PBS Kids Odd Squad Games. In particular, I liked "Down the Tubes." The underlying math includes number stuff (different sums to make a particular target length of tube) and geometric transformations (turns and flips). The levels build slowly, but eventually get mathematically interesting. The graphics are sufficiently eye-catching so your child will have the patience to continue to a challenging level.


NOT free:

DragonBox - Discover the game of Math 

The game claims it "secretly teaches algebra," which is true, but I think there are advantages to having a parent or teacher ask the occasional question or suggest recording what is happening in the game on paper so the algebra can be made more explicit. A good description of the game variations can be found here: DRAGONBOX ALGEBRA - The game that secretly teaches algebra.

Mystery Math Museum  $3.99 on iTunes.  (It has occasionally been offered at no charge. I was lucky that way!)  My granddaughter asks to return to this one. I'll show you why I like it enough to spend $ on it.

Greater Gator on the App Store $.99 Currently (as of August 29, 2020)
(Available as a box of cards doe $10.95):

Math Puzzles - Room 703

Math Puzzles - Room 703

Math Puzzles - Room 703

*Links to free mobile device versions of pick-a-path, equivalent fractions, and others from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics here.

Big Seed is one of my favorites. It develops visual-spatial skills as you flip shapes to cover the presented puzzle. I find it much more challenging than my granddaughter does!

There is a tangram app for iPhone and iPad available for free:
See post featuring manipulatives for physical tangrams.

Khan Academy Free.

GeoGebra on the App Store  Free. Dynamic geometry and algebra.

Collections A British website with support for students at many levels. Login required, but free site.


Maths bingo (mobile app)

Everyday Activities

Cooking uses numbers

Act like an architect: Draw your bedroom | GreatKids

Math and Literature

mathmarsha blog: Math and Literature: Books and Suggestions/Links for How to Use Them

Math and Children's Literature -- a GREAT resource!

Math Read-aloud Books

List of recommended titles

Fruit fractions | GreatKids

Good Books for Problem-Posing Extensions


Please, read stories written by me and illustrated by my granddaughter. They have been "published" online by the website

A Fractionated Fairytale – A maths lesson story

Steps of Wonder – Advanced Maths Story

Yes, That’s My Mother! – Maths stories for elementary school

And one more available on this blog:

Not Your Average Halloween

Stuart J Murphy has written a plethora of easy readers for young children that address math topics. I'm not wildly enthusiastic about them, but they do contain pages of activities and games for parents to use to go beyond the stories. His website has free pdfs.

A popular title is:

Math Curse hardcover about $10 from amazon; also a video on amazon prime, "free" for subscribers.

How to access Math Expressions online:  start here and follow the directions for your child's grade level book and resources.

Holidays and Seasonal

Pumpkin Math Estimates (grades 8 or 9)

Halloween Math Worksheets, Exercises for Preschool, Kindergarten, First to Sixth Grades

Christmas Math Worksheets, Exercises for Preschool, Kindergarten, First to Sixth Grades

Note: Alway open and look over each page before sharing with your child. When I checked the links on Sept. 22, 2019 the ads on some of the pages were for underwear!

Skill Practice

Problem Solving and Puzzles

Problem-Solving Strategies (click "see inside")

Friday, August 7, 2020

Resources for At-Home Math Learning (work-in-progress)

I've been exploring web pages that purportedly will provide help to students who have been e-learners due to the pandemic. Here are some that I think might actually be of use to augment online instruction.


A+Click Math Problems and Logic Puzzles for Grade K-1 K-12

Grades K-8:

Mathematics Resources for At-Home Learning | Curriculum Associates Materials for each grade level K-8 including student lessons, teacher's guide, activities and enrichment with answer keys


Logic and Problem Solving:

A+Click Math Problems and Logic Puzzles for Grade K-1 K-12

Grade K:  exploring numbers; understanding addition and subtraction

Grade 1:  Addition and Subtraction

Grade 2:  Addition and subtraction--word problems, regrouping, etc.; length

Grade 3:  Understanding multiplication and division; word problems; fraction concepts; telling time

Grade 4:
Fourth Grade Summer Math 1-digit multiplication   3-digit division   Comparing Fractions  place value; whole number operations; fractions--adding and subtracting

Grade 5:
Fifth Grade Summer Math;

Grade 6:

Grade 7:

Grade 8:

Spanish Language materials: Note: for other grades, copy this URL and replace grade k with the number of your student's grade in school